Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Award time...

...look what I got from the lovely Winnie.

As a recipient of the award, I have to:

1.Thank the person who gave me the award - thank you Winnie, it was lovely of you to think of me. Winnie & I have been lucky enough to be teamies on a couple of CCs over on UKS and we have always had lots of fun.
2.Place it on my blog - you will need to scroll down a bit but you will find it with the other awards I have been lucky enough to get.
3.List 3 things about myself. This could take some thinking about...

◦I am English born & bred but am of German/French decent...Granddad - paternal - was German, Great-great granddad - maternal - was French (think that's the right number of 'greats' LOL)
◦I am trying to be more organised with my crafting (some hope).
◦I am slightly addicted to craft classes - I love to try new things and I am quite a social crafter.

4.Post a picture that I love.
I found this pic some time ago when I was browsing the 'net and just fell in love with it. I could gaze at it for ages and imagine I was there strolling into the blue......
5.Pass the award on to 5 deserving bloggers. Right, I'll pass the award onto:

Kristy - my lovely niece who has so taken to is great to see the things she comes up with.
Annette - the lovely lady who must be held responsible for my obsession with mini-books LOL Anyone who has seen Annettes work will know that it is addictive.
Andy - never short of ideas and great at encouraging folk to move outside of their comfort zones...I will now play with 'messy' techniques (as long as I have a pinny & gloves LOL) which is something I would not have done before attending some of Andy's classes.
Lucy - Lucy & I have had great fun at a number of classes/workshops...especially Andy's messy ones LOL
Eleni I 'met' Eleni through UKS when we were on the same CC team. Her blog is always full of fab things either connected to her family or her love of craft.

Enjoy your awards folks.................................


voodoo vixen said...

Hi Toni, thanks so much for the award! Love that photo you chose... I know just the one I would choose... its just finding it on the hard drive... LOL

Nancy said...

Congrats on your award! I love that photo - looks like a great escape place!
And the Christmas tree widget? ACK!! *lol*
Thank you for stopping by my blog, while on the SimonSays blog hop. Good luck!

Winnie said...

Hope you liked it! I love that photo too and like you, could definitely stare at it for hours. Wonder if there's a print of it? LOL

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Congratulations on the award! Totally deserved, your blog is a really nice place with that extra something indeed. :)

Love when you take the classes because you share the results and we can ooooohhhh and aaaahhhh about them. :D

Jenny said...

Congrats on the awaard hunni, Gorgeous photo! xx

Claireliz said...

that is one gorgeous photo

Lynn Stevens said...

I love your photo, It would be wonderful to see it in person! Congrats on your award and always nice to learn a little more about our blog friends!