Saturday, 25 September 2010

More of a...

...boy thing.

I remembered to get some pics of the boyish colour schemed mini-book that I had already handed over to Helen.

Without making it too bulky this can be decorated by using border punches & and 'round the page' style punches so that it is still reasonable to pop in the post - possibly containing the latest pics of a grandson for grandparents (a change of colour scheme would make it suitable for any occasion).

Red/White/Blue - colours that easily adapt for a boy theme.
Some contrasting CS matting ready to have pics attached.
More matting and some pockets for tags and the odd little note that the sender may wish to include.

The book is very easy to make and uses very little by way of materials.

2 sheets of 12x12 doublesided PP (light CS weight)
Co-ordinating CS for matting/layering/tags
Self-adhesive gems
Narrow co-ordinating ribbon

Take each of the 12x12 sheets and decide which design you want showing on your pages. Place that side face down on your work desk. Measure 3 inches down from the top and score right across the sheet - fold down towards the middle of the sheet. Measure 3 inches up from the bottom of the sheet - score and fold up to meet the top flap. You now have a piece 12x6. Fold this in half so the two short ends meet - you now have a piece 6x6. Repeat with the other sheet of 12x12.

Making sure the side where the two flaps meet stays on the outside of the 6x6 folded piece, slot the two sheets together to make a four-page book. Open out flat and punch a hole on the fold 1 inch from the bottom edge and another 1 inch down from the top edge (these will be used to thread ribbon though to hold the whole thing together).

Before you put the book together you need to seal the flaps on the outside of the book - I did this by cutting a 12 inch piece of CS and punching the long edges both sides with a loopy border punch (you could use ribbon if you prefer). The ribbon can now be threaded through joining the two folded sheets and tied in a knot on the outside.

You will still have the inner sheet with the flaps un-sealed - I folded back each side near the outer edge to create a 'lapel effect' which makes it easier to slot tags into the pockets and sealed the remainder of the flap with a mat. The basic book is completed by adding some more matting and a bit of decoration - already for the photos to be added.........................


Debsg said...

Great book. Love the pockets.

Scrappy~Sarah said...

fabulous. thanks for the instructions

Claireliz said...

thats a great idea, lovely little book

Jules said...

What a great idea, I have a tendency to make mini books that are too bulky to post so will definitely be having a go at this one :D

Winnie said...

Looks great! I like the idea of a slimline mini-book that can be sent through the post without costing an arm and a leg.