Friday, 31 December 2010

Less than an hour to go...

...and we will be in a new year, the start of a new decade.
No parties for me tonight but I will be watching the fireworks on the TV. If it wasn't such a pain to get there & back I would love to be in the centre of London as the Big Ben chimes start to 'bong'. The atmosphere on the TV looks fab. We also seem to have finally got to grips with large scale firework displays - for those who remember the damp squib of a showing that we gave to see in the new century (oh it was shameful compared to the rest of the world) we do now put on a pretty damn fine show.

2010 - did you call it twenty-ten or two thousand & ten? - was a strange year...lots of change at work and at home and boy did the year fly by. There were some sad moments too - an Aunty and an Uncle passed this year so the family has shrunk a bit more and someone I managed for more than two years also passed (early 40s, young family - such a shock).

Despite the rotten cold that I have at the moment I have to say this year has been relatively healthy so I shouldn't complain.

So 2010 has been and will shortly go...there are photos and memories that will gradually appear in my scrapbooking (don't hold your breath - it could take a while LOL) and items that I have made for myself & others. I have found new blogs & websites to visit - increased my cyber friends - learnt a lot of new techniques - and enjoyed my crafting.

One of my favourite stores - Artbase - is no more. Margaret & John decided that this was the year they were finally going to retire...I do so miss the Sunday workshops and my weekly visits. Have a wonderful retirement both of you. I look forward to Emma getting going with the on-line store and wish her all the best for 2011.

Well, 2011 (think this will be "two thousand & eleven - twenty/eleven doesn't sound right) will be arriving shortly. There will be more changes ahead - that is the nature of things.

I don't make resolutions as they are never kept and then I feel guilty - so I don't do them. I do hope to continue to learn more things, craftwise, as the new year progresses. We will also be counting down to the arrival of the 2012 Olympics and as I work in East London where the bulk of this event will take place I will continue to see the preparations taking shape.

I hope you all have a wonderful evening, whether you are having a quiet one at home or out for a full blown celebration. Enjoy yourselves but take care - be safe.

I wish you all - health, wealth, love & happiness for the coming year and hope you get to realise some of your dreams

Welcome 2011!!!

Love Toni xx


Winnie said...

I wish you heaps of love and health and crafting mojo this year Toni!! It's been great knowing you as a blogger and UKS friend, even though we don't exactly get to talk much. LOL Hope you have a fantastic 2011 and especially hope you get over that cold soon. Hugs.

voodoo vixen said...

Happy New Year Toni, hope it brings you all you need and most of what you want too! ;) hugs Annette

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Happy New Year Toni! {{{happy hugs}}}
A big thank you for all the thoughtful comments you left for me at my cyber home. *little cyber hearts float around the screen*
Looking forward to seeing your latest creations. You are an amazing scrapbooker and cardmaker, always elegant and stylish with cool techniques and detailed work.
Best wishes for 2011.

Scrappy~Sarah said...

All the best for 2011 Toni :)

Retro Cafe' Art Gallery said...

Happy New Year Toni!!! I hope it's a wonderful, creative year!