Wednesday, 1 December 2010

What more can I say but...


In the space of two days we have had far more than we got last year and it hasn't stopped yet.
As you can see, I've taken a couple of these pics from indoors - I'm not's cold out there LOL
The walk to the station yesterday wasn't too bad but not very good light for picture taking. The walk back on the way home from work was a different matter - very slow.
The snow has continued since Monday night and hasn't let up. We have had a variety of snowflakes from the very fine powdery stuff to the large 50p size flakes but whatever - it hasn't stopped.

I'm off today because I was to attend the Christmas card workshop that was postponed from November but weather has stopped play - fingers crossed the weather will have improved enough for it to go ahead next week.................


Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Wow! Fantastic pictures (said from a safe distance ;) ). Hope the weather is better for your workshop.

kikimama said...

Brrrr, love the snowy photos. We've got plenty too, though we seem to have get off lightly compared to other areas.

Looking forward to the cybercrop now:).

Debbie said...

Great pics! This weather is ridiculous, isn't it?? I am getting fed up with it now and need to get more creating done!!

Debbie x

Lynn Stevens said...

I saw on the news tonight you guys have really got hit hard with the snowfall. do be careful, Stay warm and have fun playing