Monday, 20 February 2012

Happy Birthday Mum...

...hopefully today will be better than yesterday (Sunday).
As Mum's birthday falls on a weekday this year we had decided to celebrate the day before with lunch out somewhere nice. You are probably wondering what the picture has to do with a birthday lunch...

Sunday dawned bright but cold and I headed over to Mum's only to be greeted at the door by her saying "I don't think we will be going anywhere - I'm waiting for the Gas man".

At the beginning of Feb her heating & hotwater broke down and she had to have the British Gas home service out to fix it. Mum noticed a small amount of water but was assured that it was just 'spillage' from the work that had been done - nothing to worry about and it was wiped up. This weekend she had water all over the floor coming from the boiler and when she pulled everything out of the cupboard the wooden shelving unit that she had in there had obviously been getting wet for a while because there was a good 6inches up the legs of wet black marks. So British Gas had been summond again.

Don't you just hate the fact that nowadays you are never given a precise time for the workman to be with you - the time frames are soooooooooo big that it prevents you doing or going anywhere until they have been. Mum was told between 8am & Noon but as noon approached the helpdesk phoned to say the guy was running late and wouldn't be there until 'sometime' after 1pm. Needless to say, Mum was not amused and told the caller as much. At about 2pm the guy arrived (happy soul - not!) muttered a bit, fiddled a bit and went saying it was all sorted.

8pm - water on the floor again.

Another call to British Gas, another guy comes out about 10pm and has to replace a whole section of pipe from the boiler as it had been completely blocked by sealant from previous repairs.

Not exactly the way Mum had hoped to spend her birthday celebration.

**touching wood** things seem to be okay today - let's hope so. Tomorrow, friends are taking Mum out for a birthday lunch and it really wouldn't be nice for that to be spoilt as well.

Happy Birthday Mum.................................


Claire said...

AWWW thats not a nice thing to happy on a Birthday... I do hope she enjoys her day with friends...and am sure the two of you can celebrate in style once again with the leaky pipe getting in the way..
Happy Birthday Toni's Mum
CLaire x

Debbie said...

Aw, your poor mum, what a shame all that had to happen - really hope she enjoys her birthday lunch with no more boiler problems!

Debbie x

Lynn Stevens said...

OH no what a terrible Birthday for your mom!!!
They do the same thing here, repairmen tell you they will be out between 8 and something or another and arrive a few hours after that. Ugh!!!
Hope your able to make up for the disaster and celebrate her Birthday in the right way.
hugs Lynn