Tuesday, 7 February 2012


...freezing cold.

As usual, Monday was cold & mucky...what we normally expect here after a downfall of snow as it starts to melt.

Then to add to this the drop in temps over night and this morning greeted us with the remains of the mucky snow and plenty of black ice. I really don't do 'slippy/slidy' things very well and hate walking in these conditions.

To me, snow is something to be admired from a distance, photographed...but not actually contended with. I have always loved snowy pictures and love taking photos of the stuff but driving or walking in it is not something I relish.

On the BBC Weather site they have a section for folk to submit their weather photos and over recent weeks there have been some fantastic pictures. This was one of the latest collection - can you tell what it is...'s chicken wire. Isn't it a fabulous effect.

I'm normally driving somewhere when I see things that I would love to snap but never have the opportunity to stop and do so........................


Kim Dellow said...

WOW, look at that fab pic! Love the icicles. Kim

Lynn Stevens said...

cool photo, don't love the snow either!