Saturday, 7 April 2012

Don't you just hate...

...when that happens!

You know; you've seen a craft item that you just have to have. You finally get it and then can't think what to do with it.

I have longed for some Whimsy stamps for what seems an age and now one of my local stores stocks them...yipee!!! of course it would have been rude not to purchase a couple (it looked like everyone else had been grabbing them too as there weren't many left). So making good use of my In2Crafting money off voucher I came away with three and that was as far as it got. I just couldn't think of colours or anything to make a start so I went hopping as many of the blogs I follow have had Whimsy creations on them in the past.
I decided to make a start with this little miss - Wee Suzi - isn't she adorable.
After a lot of 'blopping' I finally found what I was looking for...Bev Rochester had actually used this very image so I was up and running. Bev normally gives a list of pen colours that she has used on her creations and I find this very helpful as a starting point but on this occasion she had apologised for not remembering what colours she had used so I just went with her image as guidance.
Having broken the barrier, this was coloured using my own colour scheme. There is so much Red/White/Blue available in the crafting world at the moment that I thought I would use one of these images to fit in.
This was my first attempt and it follows very closely the colours used by Bev Rochester - thank you Bev for the inspiration. For any of you who are not familiar with Bev's work (where have you been? LOL) you really should hop on over there and have a look. Her colouring is fabulous and she often does on-line tutorials that can help you with your techniques.

So, I've actually 'inked' the first of these stamps and had a I just need to actually make them into cards......................................


voodoo vixen said...

You are not alone... I do it all the time! I have to have it... I have to have it... then when I do actually have it I haven't a clue what to do with it!!
Love the Jubilee colours you did your wee missy in, will make a fabulous card!

scrapbookertink said...

Lovely colouring Toni, love those cute stamps, loving all the Copics at the side, how jealous am I! Have a great Easter, take care, Doreen x

Allison said...

lovely colouring Toni

Sylvia Zet said...

Hi Misteejay. After reading your lovely post I wanted to recommend checking my Wee Stamps FB page and it's card gallery, hope it will help next time you are looking for some inspiration:)