Friday, 13 April 2012

Welcome to...

...wet & soggy East London and Essex.

I really should have known that my luck couldn't hold out much longer. I had managed to miss the downpours two days running - it couldn't last.

It didn't...

Leaving work yesterday evening was not well timed. In the five minutes it takes to walk from the office to Stratford station I was soaked and covered in a layer of slush (the ice from the hail stones). Has anyone else noticed that since the hosepipe ban came into force it has hardly stopped raining...

Anyway, it was not a pleasant journey home. It is most uncomfortable feeling that damp and very difficult on a packed train not to drip on folk. So the first course of action when I got home was to dry out and warm up - once the old fingers defrosted a bit I did a bit more 'baby jumper' knitting - I'm about two-thirds through another one.

However, I thought I'd let you see the items that I had been knitting before the 'call to needles'.

The black/blue/lilac scarf is the same type of yarn as the beige one I showed a few posts ago and the pink/green/olive one is in the new yarn that I got from In2Crafting. I have a couple of other colours in each of these yarns that are waiting to be knitted.

With the way the weather is continuing, I don't think I'll be packing away my scarves any time soon. Everywhere is just sooooooooooooooo cold and damp.

TGIF as at least over the weekend I can decide whether I want to go out or not and if 'not' I can snuggle up with a coffee and just watch the weather through the window.

At the moment things don't look too fab in the outside world - there is a very heavy mist and the temps have dropped again.

I wonder if things would warm up and dry out if they cancelled the hosepipe ban....................................................


Lynn Stevens said...

Oh hon sounds like you need to be packing an umbrella these days. Here's hoping it dries out soon. looking forward to seeing your new scarfs.
hugs Lynn

Debbie said...

The scarves looks nice and cosy! I hate this damp, cold weather too, it makes my fingers ache, which isn't much good when crafting!

Debbie x

Splashbunny said...

Hiya, well done on doing more baby jumpers, it is a great cause. I can't knit, saddly.
I hate the london tubes on good days, always packed and crowded, boy i feel for you in wet clothes!
Glad you didn't catch a chill.

Allison said...

lovely yarns
had a little flurry of snow earlier- not nice being soaked through.. I sympathise