Friday, 18 May 2012

Get the flags out...

...there's gonna be a party.

This photo appeared in Thursday's "Evening Standard" and as you can see - central London seems to really be 'going for it' as far a decorations for the Jubilee are concerned.

In East London things seem to be a bit more 'geared up' for the Olympics - probably because the Jubilee parade doesn't come out this far.

Still, we've got our decorated trains and I've been informed there are at least a couple of decorated London Taxis (a colleague saw them when she returned from the USA last week - they were dropping off fares at one of the London airports).

Stratford here in East London is not 'finished' and landscape work is still going on just outside of the station and I have to say, where the workmen have just 'thrown down' the new paving it is already 'lifting' and coming loose in places - wonderful trip hazzard!!!

Even more of a trip hazzard is the paving round in The Broadway and High Street (I still have the bruises to prove it) - there doesn't seem to be any repair work going on at all and you get the feeling that as it is on the farthest side of the old shopping mall, away from the station, Westfield centre and Olympic Park it is very much a case of 'out of sight - out of mind'.

Red/White/Blue is very much in evidence in most of the shops although Sainsbury's is more 'into' promoting the Para-Olympics for which they are a sponsor.

Many of the 'Red' London buses are starting to display graphics from the campaign about how to travel during the Olympics. The posters that have been all over the Underground for ages are now appearing on the back-end of some buses.

There is a feeling of excitement in and around London as we get closer to these special events.

Me thinks it is time to stick some bunting and flags up in the office - watch this space........................................


Kerryanne @ Shabby Art Boutique said...

Sounds like things are getting very exciting over there Toni... good to get in the spirit!!
Hope you have a great weekend,
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

Elaina said...

I think it is great the way people are coming together to celebrate the jubilee. I just hope the feeling lasts longer than just one day.

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

It sounds so exciting! Wish I could visit. :) Go, have fun for me! ;)