Saturday, 19 May 2012

Our view of...

...the Olympic Park.

The West side of our building faces toward central London and although we are only 5 storeys high there really isn't a lot to obstruct the view - in fact it is almost 'focussed', 'framed' even, by two blocks of flats fairly close to the office.

On a clear day (yep, we do get them from time to time) we can pick out the 'Gurkin' (Sp?), London Eye, The Shard...and now I will show my age by referring to 'The GPO Tower' - I know it has a different name now but that is what is was and that is what it will always be to me LOL

Closer to...and to the left of this viewing 'frame' is this view...
...The Mitel Orbit and the Olympic Stadium.

I'm sure the arguments will continue long after the Olympics as to the fate of the stadium but the 'Orbit' is supposed to be a permanent piece of Olympic 'Art'.

Art is rather a strange word to use as to be honest, it looks like a kiddies giant construction kit that has been squashed - sort of - LOL It is supposed to represent the Olympic rings but I'm afraid I just don't get it...never mind. I'm told it looks really impressive after dark when it is all lit-up.

We've made a start with decorating our area of the office and I'll let you see some pics later......................................

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Sue said...

great photo !