Monday, 26 November 2012

A rather late...

...What's Rocking Your World post.

For anyone 'landing' here for the first time, welcome and let me explain.

The lovely Virginia hosts a weekly event over on her blog which encourages you to stand still and take a look back over your week to find the positives (you will find some - trust me) that made your world 'Rock' or even just brought a smile to your face. Virginia then encourages us to share those lovely moments.

I was sooooooooooooooo set to be on time this week **rollseyes and shuffles sheepishly** but all those best laid plans got overtaken by a little something called LIFE...I'm sure you've all been there, done that and probably have the Tee-shirt LOL

What can I say - life happens - but here is my post, better late than never.

Autumn is one of my favourite times of the year because of the wonderful colours that nature provides us with. Over the last few weeks there have been some amazing sights but it wasn't until a week ago that I managed to get some photos. There are times when I really wish I was the passenger in a car rather than the driver, just so I would be able to snap away to my hearts content...

I just love all the strong contrasts between the golds, rusts, reds and browns.

The last two sessions of training were completed by my Team and despite the change of trainer for the last session (not good as she repeated much of what we had already done and asked questions that we had covered in the earlier sessions) everything was taken in good part and everyone participated fully - proud moment for me.

Thursday was my birthday and I received some lovely cards and gifts (amongst which were 2 rather large potted orchids from folk at work - fun & games getting those home on the train I can tell you). I was also surprised by the number of folk who wished me Happy Birthday at work as the greeting came from folk that I know I have never mentioned birthdays to...all became clear later in the day. A colleague who runs our Lottery syndicate has been off for a while as he had a nasty accident resulting and a very bad break of his upper arm - in his absence I have been collecting the payments from the syndicate members and buying the tickets. Simon returned to work this week on limited hours but he organised cards and gifts from the syndicate as a way of saying thank you...lots of lovely chocs and flowers.

To top off my birthday I had a lovely phone call from my niece in Germany but the minx didn't mention what she had been up to - a rather cryptic message via email had me heading over to Pinnacle Crafts at Barleylands wondering what on earth I was in for. She had ordered some gift vouchers for me to collect... you can see, I've made good use of one of the vouchers - the rest are being kept for this coming weekend as it is Members weekend and I will be taking advantage of the 30% off (I already have my shopping list ready).

Despite the grotty weather over the weekend, I did manage to get a few bits for Christmas. Some of the items are the 'makings' for a couple of projects I have on the go - it was one of those lucky weekends when things I needed to get or needed to do just seemed to fall into place (apart from getting this post done...see, I knew what you were thinking LOL).

I also had a lovely lazy time on Sat & Sun evenings watching Robbie Williams on the TV.

Anyhoo, we are now into a new week and I will be aiming to be a bit more timely with my Rocking post - can you believe that this coming Friday will be the last day of November so the Advents can come out on Saturday.

Have a Rocking week everyone......................................


Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Happy belated birthday my dear! Wishing you a fabulous year, full of love, crafts and laughter. And many cool sales! ;)

Joanna said...

Belated Happy Birthday wishes!!! I can only imagine how tricky it was trying to get those plants home in one piece!!!! Autumn is my favourite time of year (with Spring coming a very close second) - you just can't beat those colours, can you? Lovely photos. What a lovely niece you have - a very thoughtful and perfect gift for you (I'm loving the punch!).

Enjoy the rest of the week :)


Katherine (sutty) said...

Love your autumnal photos they are beautiful and Happy Birthday - that was a lovely surprise :)

Virginia said...

Big Waves and a Belated Happy birthday to you!

Don't stress about being 'late' you got to reflect and that's the main thing! Loving the autumn colours you captured!

In answer to your question on my blog I've no idea why I don't like orange veg, I just don't like cooked carrots at all. I've also never liked swede and these seemed to be the two veg my Mum always served up on a sunday and berated me on not eating. I've grown to 'hide' carrots in things like spag bol and shepherds pie and I can just about managed them raw in salad. I've also learnt to enjoy swede albeit that it has to be with mashed potato as the flavour is too 'strong', I'm hoping one day that I'll like them - I do keep trying!

Anyway how lovely of your work colleague to organise a pressie as a thank you - that's a really lovely thought. Your team sound great, shame you had to swap at the end but you all managed to finish it.

The gift from your niece sounds awesome and your stash purchase is amazing! Hope your week hasn't been too fraught and busy.