Friday, 2 November 2012

Rocking your World...

...Friday has come around again.

What's it all about? Well as Virginia would say...

"Friday - a time to reflect and give thanks on the last 7 days, find those silver linings and smile as you kick back and appreciate those parts of your life that make life that bit easier, that bit better and that bit more pleasant than it otherwise would have been because its...

I've been MIA for a couple of weeks from the WRYW line-up - not intentional but the time has just sliped away from me.

So what's been rocking my world this week?

Saturday - watching a fabulous demo by Andy Skinner. To see what he can do with some gesso, paint, ink and a paint stripper (yes I said a paint stripper) is amazing. No namby-pamby heat gun for Mr Skinner...he really goes for it with his heat variable paint stripper gun - he had the burnt paper and oatmeal to prove it **hehe**

Sunday - time spent over at Mum' having to dash anywhere, nothing urgent to do - bliss.

Monday - my fluffy fingerless gloves from '99p Store' came into their own. The office was sooooooooooooo cold (hasn't improved much all week) and my hands were like ice until I put the gloves on - at least that part of me was nice and toasty.

Tuesday - home that is. As I type this I am touching wood with every available part of me as I don't want to tempt fate. My central heating packed up on Christmas Eve last year and I've been making do with a couple of electic heaters (very expensive & and not very effective). 3 times new parts have been obtained and 3 times I've had heating for less than a day...different man this time and after 30 mins tinkering...HEAT (and it's still going).

Wednesday - had a giggle in Wilkinsons buying supplies for Annette West's mini book class over on the UKS CyberCrop...why?...MATCHBOXES...haven't bought any matches since my Advent box making sessions and I clearly remembered the strange looks I got for taking so many boxes of matches to the checkout...only 4 (big) boxes this time LOL

Thursday - start of a new month and the start of Kerryanne English's "Simply Christmas" event.
She has done us proud again this year with the most beautiful downloads for a Christmas planner.
The artwork on these download pages is fabulous.

Friday - last day at work before the weekend...yipee!!!...

So, why not share what's been rocking your world this week. Hop on over to Virginia's blog for links to other folk's "Rocking" posts and why not join in...................


scrappyjen said...

Happy Friday! I love the planner and have given a shout out on my blog for this, It is truly beautiful. I am going to share it with my croppers tonight too! Have a super weekend, jenxx

Virginia said...

Oh beautiful post - you were missed - I had a feeling life was getting in the way LOL!

I've just uploaded my take on Annette's book on UKScrappers - I too purchased four boxes and managed two books, really pleased, they need a bit more work on them well the red one does, but I'll do that at a more leisurely pace.

We've been out all day so I've not had chance to catch up until now!

I hope you have a beautiful and blessed week ahead and I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed and touching wood that you are still warm!

Hugs as always!


Joanna said...

Good to see you back Rocking - time just slips away sometimes doesn't it?!

I too have been in the position of buying many many match boxes - and then it gets worse when you try and explain why you need them! Being suspected of being a pyromaniac is easier for some people to understand than removing the thousands of matches and altering the boxes, hahahaha!!

I hope your heating keeps going - that is a LONG TIME to get sorted :(


Lynn Stevens said...

Sounds like you had a busy week too. heres hoping that heat stays on. Nothing worse than being cold. Burrrrr.
I'm so far behind on blogging and my blogaversary is Tomorrow!!! YIKES! LOL
hugs Lynn