Sunday, 25 November 2012

Shabbilicious Friday...

...23 November 2012.

I was going to share some more Christmas makes but guess what...they are still in the 'making' **rollseyes** yep, one month to go and I'm still making...

Never mind, I thought I'd share this 'find' with you instead.
It is a small metal photo/picture frame - suitable for something about 6"x4".
I love the shade of green and the antique white used to highlight the embossed areas (although I think I will be adding a bit more to make it feel a bit shabbier).

I just fell in love with it so it had to come home with me and I have the perfect photo in mind to go in it. It was only a couple of £'s from a little store at Barleylands that makes Children's bespoke furniture and keepsake boxes (they occasionally have other gift items and signage).

I'm linking this over at Kerryanne's Shabbilicious Friday link party. If you haven't already paid her a visit you really should. Her "Simply Christmas" event is in full swing so along with being able to gaze longingly at all the shabby loveliness that folk are sharing you can take a look at the fab Christmas ideas and free downloads that are available to help you get ready for the Holiday season.....................

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