Monday, 12 November 2012

Doesn't he look Smart...

...all pressed, polished and ready for duty.

As some of you will know, my Niece is married to a serving member of the British Army and they are currently located in Germany near the German/Dutch border.

These are the photos that Kristy sent me of Dan ready to go off to the Rememberence Day memorial march that was held at the Reichwald Forest Commonwealth War Cemetery - he was one of just a few selected to represent NATO.
Very smart...don't you think?
Unfortunately Kristy wasn't able to go and take photos at the actual march as she was accompanying her Beavers in their march held on the base.

Here at home we had Army cadets marching past the house to the memorial at the end of my road where the Rememberence service is held - there was no Police escort this year and some impatient drivers were whizzing past the youngsters with little thought to safety or the occasion...shame on them. The youngsters all looked very smart as they marched along the road and they should feel very proud of their involvement..............................................

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Debbie said...

He does indeed look very smart, Toni, we owe people like him such a lot, it's a pity the speeding drivers at the cadets parade couldn't have shown more respect!

Debbie x