Friday, 7 December 2012

Rocking your World Friday...

...has arrived again.

Our hostess Virginia lets us share all the positive things from out last 7 days over on her blog. It's surprising how good it makes you feel just to take a moment to think back over your week and find even the smallest of things that made you smile or put a spring in your step.

So what has been rocking my world this week...

Christmas lunch last Sunday with Mum. We decided to have some lunch whilst out shopping and it was lovely to have my very first Christmas lunch of this Holiday season. It really was delish...and so much more enjoyable because we didn't have to cook it (or clear away after).

The start of the "Nibbles table" at work. Every year I encourage my staff to bring small treats in throughout the month of December - a pack of mince pies, crisps, nuts, chocolates, cookies - in fact, anything that takes their fancy. Because everyone brings things in it doesn't cost any one person a lot but provides goodies that we can all share.

The arrival of the snow on Wednesday was not exactly welcome but it did give me a chance to get a few lovely photos...I was so pleased it all cleared before I came home from work.

Wednesday was our Team Christmas lunch and we had a lovely time. The food was fab, the service was great and it was super being able to share some time away from the office and catch up with some of our past colleagues who came to join us - we all had a lovely time.

Starbucks Christmas flavours...MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM...have managed a couple of Gingerbread lattes and even tried one of the Eggnog ones...I wonder why we don't get the pumpkin flavour that they have in the USA as it would certainly be something different.

Today I visited the staff at our Southend office as their manager has been unwell and off for some time. The staff made me feel very welcome. I did take the opportunity on the way home to have a wander round the shops (I so miss not having Clintons close to the office - it really isn't convenient to try and dash over to Westfield when I want a new diary or calendar so it was great to pick up my Deco lady ones at 'buy one get one free'). Southend High Street looks beautiful in the dark with the shop fronts glowing and the street decorations twinkling. The blue and white lights really look effective.

I hope you have all had a great week and that your Holiday preparations are coming along well. Do pop over to Virginia's blog and see what has been cheering other folk............................................


Virginia said...

Oh a lovely Christmassy post. Loving the idea of having a Christmas Table at work - win win as like you said it doesn't cost a fortune!

Glad you managed to get what you wanted from Clintons and got to enjoy the pretty shop windows, always lovely at this time of year.

We've had a busy day at Chatsworth which has been great but we've all come back exhausted.

Hope you have a beautiful and blessed week ahead.


Joanna said...

Like Virginia says, your post is so lovely and Christmassy!! It sounds like you have a great relationship with your staff, especially if you can get them to bring in nibbles, yum!


Debbie said...

A lovely-sounding week, lots of Christmassy things going on! I'm partial to those gingerbread lattes, must try the eggnog! I'm liking the sound of a nibbles table at work, such a good idea!

Debbie x

Lynn Stevens said...

I remember when I used to work in an office and everyone would bring in treats during the holidays, Sure miss those days!
Sounds like your a tight group.
Enjoy all these special times. Hugs Lynn

Sam said...

Lots of christmas activy for you this week!! Your Christmas lunches sound fab and it sounds like you enjoy your work and everyone is in the christmas spirit!
Hope you have a great week x

scrappyjen said...

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Might pinch the idea of a Christmas Table. jenx

scrappyjen said...

Just popped by to say 'hi' again. Hope your world rocked this week too (14.12.12) jenx