Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Well, We had snow...

...and now we don't.

There is a small dusting left in shaded areas but other than's gone. However, I have proof that we had quite a bit...

...this little lot was after barely 20mins of snowfall. It was still coming down pretty heavily as I took these.

We don't "do" snow very well here in the UK.

An ex-colleague had a 4 hour train journey to come and join us for our Christmas meal - a journey that should take no more than about 50mins.

One of my staff had the most awful journey - after being stuck in traffic for ages, she and her husband were then stuck on a train because of a fire at one of the stations on their route - 6 hours of travelling - they decided they weren't going to risk a long journey home and are staying the night with relatives who live close to the office.

The forecast for tonight is minus temperatures and clear skies so it will be interesting seeing what we all wake up to tomorrow................................


Kerryanne @ Shabby Art Boutique said...

Looks like you might have a white Christmas Toni.
Stay warm.

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

It looks so pretty (from a safe distance ;) )

Kim Dellow said...

isn't it amazing how we all get stuck by snow in this country! LOL! But it does always look so magical too. You want to have snow but only when you don't have to go anywhere! We had a very light sprinkle but it didn't last long. Hope you don't get stuck anywhere Toni and I'm glad you enjoyed the Stationery article :) Thank you lovely!
Keep cosy!

Lynn Stevens said...

Looks pretty but I know how you feel, Don't like driving in the stuff. We just got our first snowfall a couple of days ago.
It does sound like were more prepared in Idaho anyway, never had traffic like that. It must be terrible?
Stay warm Toni!
Hugs Lynn