Sunday, 2 December 2012

What's RYWF...

...has come around again - gosh the days are speeding by.
Yep, it's that time of the week to take a look back at the things that have made us smile, cheered us up or down right Rocked our worlds - in a good way of course.

The lovely Virginia hosts the weekly event over on her blog and I have to say, she is very patient with those of us (Me!!!) who arrive late for the party LOL

So what's been going on in my little corner of the world that has brought a smile to my face...

Christmas Decorations and £1 / 99p stores...I dread to think what the bill would have been if I had bought stuff from 'normal' stores. This week I decided it was time to take down the Union & George flags in the office and make a start on the Christmas decs. I like to have the decs up in the office for the 1st December and as that fell this weekend I needed to get things done by Thursday night as I had a day off on Friday. For several years we have had a purple & silver scheme so this year I thought it was time for a change (I'll share the photos later in the week when I've taken some). As I was given several black trees last year I thought silver/white/black with an accent colour would be the way to didn't quite work that way but you'll see when I get the photos sorted.

Recognition...I have mentioned previously how proud I was of my Team and the way they participated in recent training sessions. Well it was lovely that the trainers obviously thought so too and the Team received a voucher to share by way of a 'Thank you' - we have yet to decide whether we will put the money towards our Christmas meal on Wednesday or whether we will use it to buy nibbles for our 'Christmas Snack Table'.

Coffee/Chat/Friends...Friday saw the start of the last 'Members weekend' for 2012 and I caught up with a friend for coffee and a chat. Hilary is a lovely lady who I met through Andy's workshops. We don't see each other very often but we normally manage to grab a coffee and catch up.

Birthday Money/Vouchers...I had in mind what I wanted to get at the Members weekend so had saved my birthday dosh for the occasion. First item on the list was the Sizzix "Tattered Poinsettia" die as I knew the Spellbinders one had already sold out in the shop - I thought the day was going to be off to a bad start when I found that these too had sold out **glum face**. Next on the list was the Marianne clock face die - there were plenty of those **phew** and as I scanned the walls for any other dies that might take my fancy I spotted them - the Spellbinders poinsettias (new delivery) **happy dance**. Over the last month, Andy has been playing with the Stamping Gear and producing some fab creations. What a surprise to find that part of the shop's order had arrived so I grabbed the kit and extra stamps before anyone else could...and I'm glad I did. I heard a lady ask Joanne if there was any other items in stock and she was told that everything that had arrived was out on display (at this point there was one gear shape and just a couple of stamp packs) - I am one very happy bunny to have nabbed these as Joanne doesn't think the rest of the order will arrive before Christmas.

Home decorations...The first of the decs have gone up.

I didn't want to go OTT on the outside decs so I've just decorated at the top of the steps leading to the front door.

Net curtains...I finally managed to get the last of the nets for the house. Once I have these up I can get stuck in to putting up the indoors decorations.

Overall it has been a strange but hectic week and with Christmas approaching I doubt things will slow down any time soon.

If you would like to see what has been Rocking the worlds of some other crafting folk, why not hop over to Virginia's place and take a look...........................


Debbie said...

Your decorations are looking lovely, I really must make a start on mine! Not sure what colour scheme to go for either! I look forward to seeing what you have done for your work decs!

Virginia said...

Wow you've had a busy week, so glad you managed your crafting haul, there's nothing worse than setting your mind on something and then not being able to get your hands on it.

Can't wait to see what you've done with the office decorations as well - you are good, I really should try and do more at work.

Finally loving the outside Christmas decs, we managed some a few years ago which looked great, but we've not done them over the last few years - really should try and remedy that if possible!

Have a beautiful and blessed week ahead and don't stress about joining in late it isn't a problem! We seem to be very thin on the ground at the moment, so I'm grateful for you joining in - I love reading rocking posts!


Sam said...

Your house decorations look great!
Glad you managed to get the crafting stuff you wanted, its so annoying when things are out of stock!!
Hope you have a lovley week x