Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Boxing clever...

...with the help of my Crafters Companion Ultimate Pro.

I love my 'Ultimate' and I have to say that it has been worth every penny just for the box making facility alone (I don't think I could have made all those favour boxes for my niece's wedding without it).

So when it came to making a box for the Cluedo themed memory book, I grabbed my 'Pro'.

As I mentioned in the previous post, the book was actually a bit bigger than 8x8 so I was going to struggle to make a suitable box because I didn't have any CS larger than 12x12. Then I had the 'lightbulb' moment and pulled out some 12x12.
The lid was never going to be a problem as the sides didn't need to be any deeper than 1 inch so grabbing a sheet of 12x12, I scored along each side.

I'm a lazy crafter who doesn't 'do' all those measurements and calculations unless absolutely necessary - the 'Pro' lets me score at just the right place and I know it will fit.
Snipping into each corner to create a tab to secure the corners...

...I then used the scoring tool to create crisp edges. Then using DST I stuck the corners. One completed lid for a 10x10 box.
The base of the box was always going to be the problem area.

If I scored at the 2 inch point on all four sides I was going to end up with an 8x8 box base - not a lot of use! This was where I utilised 2 sheets of 12x12.
I only scored the CS on two adjacent sides...

...creating 2 walls and a base.
By creating two pieces like this I was able to slot them together to form a whole box...

...and by having a double layer for the base it makes the box a bit more sturdy to cope with the larger size.
Ta-da!!! One 10x10, 2 inch deep box...

...all ready to reinforce/decorate with some washii tape.

So as you can see - it is possible to make bigger boxes without resorting to the expense of having to buy A3 CS.

I handed the completed Cluedo book & box over to my friend/colleague Simon today and he was over the moon - it will be presented to Patsy tomorrow as she will be popping back to the office for a meeting.

Simon asked if I'd taken photos of it for my blog...doh!...bit late there Simon LOL

He also said that I should tell you all that I have the rights to this 'Intellectual Property' - the boardgame book idea (those of you in the UK will have probably seen the Compare the Market/Meerkat adverts...) - again - bit late there Simon...I've already shared with my crafting friends.

I hope the idea about using old boardgames for your crafting has sparked some other ideas for you and I'd love to see anything that you come up with.

I also hope that the tip on how to make a bigger box from 12x12 CS proves to be useful and that it helps to solve a few of those packaging problems..........................................................


Ali said...

That... is a really clever idea! Why did I never think of that?! :D


Emy said...

That's clever!

Claireliz said...

Ooh that is really nifty!.
C xx

Sue said...

Very clever - i just dont make the most use out of mine!! Will try to change that.

Sandra said...

You had one of those lightbulb moments :)

Debbie said...

That's a fab idea. Looks like a great way to make boxes, mine are always a little iffy!

Lynn Stevens said...

So not only do you make the book...You also made the box! WOW.
A lazy crafter! I think NOT!!!
Shes going to Love it all.
Hugs Lynn

Stef H said...

ya know, i have one of these and it's sitting under my desk collecting dust. maybe i should get it out sometime. thanks for the inspiration.

finally warming up here. i love lilac bushes. my neighbors on both sides of me have them, so i get to cut - yay.

happy easter.

hugs :)