Friday, 29 March 2013

Rocking your World Friday...

...has rolled around again and if you want to find out more just hop over to Virginia's blog.

A visit to the Celtic House (Virginia's blog) will explain that there are a small band of us who try to link up each Friday over there to share the positives/things that made us smile during the previous seven days.

I think that a lot of us are finding things a bit tough at the moment but actually stepping back for a moment and looking for even the smallest things can be very up-lifting.

So here are my 'happy' things...

I managed to finish off the memory book that a colleague had asked for and when it was handed over he was over the moon - makes a job worthwhile when the results meet with approval.

Didn't start as a positive...Monday morning as I headed for the station I got a call to tell me not to bother going in as there had been a serious water leak in the building over the weekend. The area where my team sit had taken some of the worse damage. The building was closed for the day whilst the bulk of the damage was dealt with but we all had to report for duty on Tuesday. Despite the disruption to my staff they duly found themselves places to sit elsewhere in the building and went about their duties to the best of their abilities - another reminder of what a good team of folk I have.

On Wednesday one of my staff received a recognition letter from our regional assistant director for work she did creating a virtual newsboard that all the staff in our region can view - a very proud moment. The day got better when I also received a letter thanking me for covering an absent colleague for an extended (on-going) period.

Thursday was the start of a lovely 5-day weekend for me and I just pottered about catching up on a few things and seeing some friends that I hadn't seen for a while.

Friday (today) was the awaited members weekend for March - which just happens to also be Easter weekend.

I have been keeping everything crossed that the new stampscapes stamps would arrive in time...and they did **YIPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!** These are the range of stamps that we recently had the chance to play with on a Pan Pastel 'try-it' lesson. As you can see... 
 ...just a few **rollseyes** jumped into my basket...
 ...the set with the rowboat was the one we had 'played with. In addition to a few 'bulid-a-scene' sets I also got these...
 ...the snowy covered bridge was probably the one that I was most looking forward to grabbing. It might not look much in the picture but the sample that is used on the company's home page is amazing.

I also managed to nab the latest limited edition Promarkers...
...the colours in this set are fabulous.

Apart from the bargains that are available during members weekend at Pinnacle Crafts, I always manage to bump into friends and we have a natter. The shop was exceptionally busy today so Hilary and I took a 'time-out' and went for a coffee and a chat...before heading back in for 'round 2' LOL

I think we were both very pleased with our purchases and we rounded the morning off with another visit to the cafe for a couple of hot chocolates.

The sun has been shining all day (although the wind has been bitterly cold) so things have seemed a bit more cheerful - isn't it amazing what a bit of sunshine can do.

Why don't you pay Virgina a visit and see what other folk have found to be positive about this week - or better still; why not join in too.

Have a wonderful Easter weekend everyone and don't forget to put the clocks forward............................................................


Sue said...

oooooo yummy stash!! Have fun playing .
Happy Easter xx

Barbara said...

Wow, you have had a great week!. Loving those stamps.


Sandra said...

Sounds like its getting better and better as the week goes on :)

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Enjoy your new goodies! Looking forward to what you make with them. :)

Stef H said...

you have a good attitude.
love stampscape stamps!

happy easter to you and yours and you can keep the snow! it FINALLY stopped here and spring has paid us a visit. don't know for how long tho, we'll have to wait and see - LOL.

hugs :)

Lynn Stevens said...

Toni, So sorry to hear about the water damage on Monday but what a great way to round up the week with your package coming! I see a FUN weekend planned playing with your new stash!
Hugs Lynn
Happy Easter!
Hugs Lynn

Virginia said...

Only just managing to catch up after being away - so sorry! You sound like you managed to note plenty of positives in the week Toni, although the water damage one didn't sound fun, sounds like you all managed to deal with the circumstances!

Loving all those beautiful stamps, all utterly gorgeous!

Hope you have had a good Easter week too