Saturday, 23 March 2013

Rocking your World Friday... three years old **toot-toot**

For those of you dropping by who haven't got a clue what I'm on about (nothing new there then LOL) just hop on over to the lovely Virginia's Blog where she will tell you all about it as she kindly hosts the weekly gathering of 'Rockettes' who take a look back at their week and share their positive might even decide that you want to join in.

I've been AWOL for a few weeks but Virginia says that's okay as we all have lives that 'get in the way' from time to time.

Work has been rather stressful for some time now so it hasn't made for a great background for trying to pick out the positives of my life but I decided it was time to get a grip and dig deep otherwise I would never get back on here goes...

This is a mish-mash of the last few weeks all rolled into one.

Spent a whole day with some crafting friends at one of Andy Pearson's "Tim Holtz Style" workshops - lovely messy day (yes, I know I don't 'do' messy but I always go prepared - pinny, gloves, babywipes LOL) and we got to stay in the warm 'playing' whilst it was pretty awful weather outside.

Have had several mentions on the 'Blog-bits' section of UKS in recent weeks - it is such a lovely feeling when someone thinks what you have blogged about was worthy of mention on a national forum.

Decided to do a bit of sprucing up on the old home-front - the Dulux offer of 3 testerpots for £1 has been great and has allowed me to add a bit of colour here and there without splashing out huge amounts on big tins of paint that will go to waste.

Treated myself to a lovely lime green kettle to add a bit of 'zing' to the kitchen - it looks so lovely and cheerful first thing in the morning, irrespective of what the weather is doing outside...think I'll be adding the matching toaster.

Had another lovely day with a crafting friend at an Andy Skinner workshop held at the Artistic Stamper - am I glad it was last weekend and it was only raining...if it had been today it would have been SNOW.

Had a bit of fun at work for Red Nose Day. This year we didn't make such a big thing of it as we have been so busy but we still managed to raise over £100.

Had to travel to Luton yesterday for a meeting (not a positive) and whilst waiting for a connecting train spent some time drooling in the Cath Kidtson shop at St. Pancras station...drooling was about all I could manage - those prices EEK!!! Despite being very cold at least the snow held off so the journey was fairly un-eventful until the last leg home. The ticket wouldn't work in the barrier and some jobsworth told me I would have to go and use the Underground (tube/metro/subway) to complete my journey even though I had the booking document with me showing the route I was entitled to use (the underground would have meant 3 changes - the route I was supposed to be on was just one stop on a highspeed train). His arguing caused me to miss a train but a colleague stepped in and allowed me through the barrier so I didn't lose too much time completing my journey.

Not a lot there, but I did say I needed to dig deep. Do hop over and pay Virginia a visit and also pay a visit to the other 'Rockettes' playing along this week - it can be very uplifting. Hope to see you there........................


Stef H said...

it's good that you're busy and getting some things done. i, too, need (want actually) to get things done but the budget just doesn't want to cooperate.... grrr. i especially want to paint inside... and i will. just have to pinch some pennies for awhile.

yep. we turned our clocks ahead on march 11 and spring officially came on the 20th... only NOT to the midwest USA. we're still expecting snow. our usual winter months were very mild and now spring has turned to our winter. hmmmm... i wonder if there really is a climate change and soon our summer will become spring? oy vey!

always good to see you, sunshine. stay happy and be well.

hugs :)

scrappyjen said...

I think we are all digging deep at the moment... I blame that comet that is going overhead at the moment - celstial imbalance lol! Glad you found time for messy times and fun fund raising times and found the positives through the layers of fug. Raising a glass to toast Virginia and all the Rockettes and Rockdudes if there are any.... clink clink... jenx

Sandra said...

You have been a busy girly :)

Virginia said...

Oh how lovely to see you joining in even if its been a 'dig deep' few weeks. Love looking at the Cath Kitson shop in Meadowhall but as you said at those prices I'll just be browsing, tester pot tart up - now that I like - we're thinking of the large tins of paint to do the tarting up we need to do - groan! The weather has been awful, glad you've managed a couple of craft workshops recently - always a positive! Hope you have a fabulous week ahead!

Joanna said...

Well done for finding so many positives in a 'dig-deep-kinda-week'!

3 for a £1 tester pots sounds a good deal. I like the sound of your kettle, I think we could all do with some colour to cheer us up with this awful weather.

Lucky you doing those workshops. Andy Skinner is a clever old so-and-so isn't he?! Sounds like you had lots of fun.

Boo-hiss to Mr Jobsworth making you lose your train - I'm glad his colleague stepped in so you could finish your journey as planned.

Fingers crossed your snow clears soon. It's SO cold, today, isn't it?!


Carmen said...

You should have asked for Jobsworth's name and a complaint form. That might have changed his attitude. What an idiot :(

Loving the sound of your kettle - might have to look out for a funky coloured one when we get a new one - ours is silver and shows up every grubby fingerprint.

So lovely to see you playing along again, I think Jen may be on to something with that celestial imbalance thing. I said in last weeks RYWF how I very nearly deleted my blog. Weird old feeling this month.

Hope work eases up for you soon Toni. Have a great week x

Natasha said...

Go you for digging deep and looking for those moments. Sometimes they provide a rope to hang on to.

Here is to a better week for less digging deep! :)

Sophie said...

There are some lovely positives there in you dig-deep week and you kettle sounds fab!