Saturday, 4 May 2013


...the first one of May.
Yep, I'm still trying to work that one out...MAY!!!...who pinched April (although with the weather we had in April, whoever pinched it can keep it LOL).
Over at the lovely Virginia's blog there is a weekly gathering of folk who share the good & positive things that have been going on in their week - I've been MIA for a while but Virginia is a very forgiving hostess and is happy to let us come & go as life dictates.
If you'd like to find out more, hop on over and pay Virginia a visit or better still, join in the fun.

So what has been 'rocking' my world this week...

Last weekend I attended a PanPastel demo at one of my local craft shops - a super day watching someone showing you tips & ideas for getting the most out of what isn't a particularly cheap product. Really enjoyed the day and as usual got to meet up with some friends for a chat and a spot of lunch.

Work has been a rather mixed bag this week. I've been asked to consider a course of action that I don't really want to take and it has been worrying me all week (not a positive I hear you all shout - keep reading) but it did feel good that my boss obviously feels I have the skills to undertake this task...still thinking about it.

Blue skies and sunshine. Doesn't the world seem a better place when there is a bit of cheer to the weather. It might still be a bit chillier than we would like (although even this has improved as the week has progressed) but just seeing lovely blue skies and some sunshine makes things seem so much better.

Seeing trees covered in blossom - such a lovely sight and probably one of the things I miss most from the last house I lived in. We had the most glorious double-flowered cherry blossom tree at the front of the house (which was promptly cut down by the new owners) and every year the front lawn was covered in what looked like pink snow...happy memories. Now I just enjoy all the lovely trees that I pass walking to & from the station.

 Looking forward to nabbing some craft bargains. To help celebrate National Scrapbooking day one of my local craft shops is having a massive paper sale... would be rude not to take advantage of it; wouldn't it.

I'm off to see what other folk have been sharing, why not come and take a look too...........................................................................


Virginia said...

Oh fabulous stuff, what a shame the new owners cut down the blossom trees, I love to see them too at this time of year! I love that you got crafting time with like minded people that's always lovely and I loved seeing what you were shown Toni for using the pan pastels! I hope you have a fabulous weekend ahead

Hugs as always

Sandra said...

I agree it would be rude not to do a little shopping lol. I'm keeping my fingers crossed the weather improves & May just sows down a tad :)

Carmen said...

I can't even bear the thought of that tree being chopped down. Their are 4 trees going up the middle of our road and they are covered in white blossom at the moment. It's gorgeous.

I was tempted to get a set of pan pastels at Ally Pally... Till I saw the price. One to think about I reckon. The class sounds a lot of fun :-)

Hope you have a lovely week, good luck with your decision.

Lynn Stevens said...

Toni the class sounds like fun and always great to get together to craft with friends.
I just about choked when I read about the new homeowners cutting down your cherry tree. We have one in our backyard and I Love those pink blooms to. Whats wrong with those people?
Enjoy your warming weather!
Hugs Lynn

Joanna said...

So are pan Pastels worth the money then?! The class is a great idea - to have a play before investing. It's so lovely to see some sunshine, isn't it? It might be late coming but it's very welcome.

Good luck coming to your decision (but don't be pushed into doing something you don't feel comfortable with).


Stef H said...

your weeks are always interesting!

i saw a recent picture of the house i grew up in and... well i THINK it's the house i grew up in. talk about changed? i grew up in a nice small cape-cod style house. now? that same street and house address is a 2 story bldg. really? talk about change!

we had storms a couple weeks ago... and then we flooded. NOT in the house but under and around. what a mess.

son just mowed the lawn on wed. and now he'll have to do it today. just never ends. and we ask for nice weather!!! haaahhhaaaa

have a great week!

hugs :)