Thursday, 11 July 2013

Just a few...


Suzy over at Sea Glass & Sand found this list and asked folk to let her see what they came up with so here's mine...

1. Where is your cell/mobile phone? On the arm of the sofa
2. Your hair? Swept up in a twist
3. Your mother? Always surprising
4. Your father? Sadly passed
5. Your favourite food? Jacket potatoes
6. Your dream last night? Don't recall
7. Your favourite drink? (hot) Latte - (cold) Ginger beer
8. Your dream/goal? A peaceful life
9. What room are you in? Study
10. Your hobby? Crafting
11. Your fear? Serious ill health
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Enjoying life
13.Where were you last night? Home
14. Something that you aren’t? Content
15. Muffins? Rhubarb & Custard
16. Wish list item? A country cottage to escape to from time to time
17. Where did you grow up? England
18. Last thing you did? Made a coffee
19. What are you wearing? Red/White/Blue - mainly blue
20. Your TV? Bulky & pre-HD
21. Your pet? Don't have one
22. Friends? Supportive
23. Your life? Ticking along
24. Your mood? Okay
25. Missing someone? Yes
26. Vehicle? Estate
27. Something you’re not wearing? Socks
28. Your favourite store? Anything crafty
29. Your favourite colour? Aqua
30. When was the last time you laughed? Today
31. Last time you cried? Yesterday (10 July) upon learning of the death of a colleague
32. Your best friend? Simon
33. One place that you go to over and over? Work
34. One person who emails you regularly? Suzie (Weasel)
35. Favourite place to eat? The Courtyard

If you decide to have a go at this list, I'd love to see what you come up with..........................

EDT: For all you lovely folk who commented about the muffins...the two ladies that are responsible for these delish confections are Kelly & Kat of the "Muffin Makery Co.". If you want to know more about their gourmet muffins you can contact them at


Suzy said...

Great answers Toni. It was a great fun exercise and brilliant for the nosey Norahs among us. Do you think we could persuade Suzie to dust off her blog and join in lol

Suzy x

Weasel said...

Maybe... I'll have to think about that... :-)

Weasel said...

Maybe - I'll have to have a think about that :-)

Tracy said...

I have never heard of rhubarb and custard muffins but they sound delicious!

Carmen said...

Rhubarb & Custard muffins? Oh my! Where do you find such numminess?

I really enjoyed reading this, I will definitely have a go :)