Sunday, 27 September 2015

Getting my...

..."Groovi" on.

My friend Hilary does Parchment work and so does Joanne (Pinnacle Crafts) and I have always been in awe of their creations - but this has been a craft that I have not ventured into as I would want finished results too quickly and parch-craft takes time/skill/patience.

However, I have recently seen the "Groovi" plates from Clarity, hanging on the wall with all the parchment tools & plates and this one caught my eye...
...I have picked this Christmas tree up several times over recent weeks only to put back on the peg each time.

This weekend was "Member's weekend" at Pinnacles - 30% off crafting goodies for club members and yet again I was drawn to this lace tree...I even sat and watched some Barbara Grey videos on YouTube. What struck me was the similarity to the dry embossing that I used to do when I first started scrapbooking (in the days before all the wonderful die-cutting machines and dies). I would sit with my light-box and metal stencils and make my own embossed panels to use as embellishments.

So you will not be surprised to hear that a pack of parchment paper and this plate jumped into my basket.

That was on Friday.

When I got home from my shopping trip, I set to locating my fine embossing tools only to finally remember that I gave them away with some of my metal stencils. All the ball-tools I have now are larger in design for use with score boards and the like.

Back to Pinnacles on Saturday morning to add some fine metal ball-tools to my crafting stash.

I decided to go with the Pergamano ones as they have a comfortable grip that I thought would be more suitable for me.

I have to say, I really enjoyed this and found the concentration very soothing (a bit like grown-up colouring in).

I do not have the "Plate-mate" and my first attempt was not perfect as I didn't tape my parchment down very well but my second go was much better and I was very pleased with the result.

I don't think Joanne will see me joining her parchment classes any time soon as I'm not sure I could do all the pricking & cutting but this embossing part of the process is great and I think I could be adding a few more plates to my collection.

Oh no! More stash........................................................................


Scrapmate said...

If you have a die cutting machine you could use an embossing folder with vellum/parchment and get a similar effect.

Virginia said...

It is always nice to try something new, even if at the end of it you are of the opinion that it won't lead you into a full blown new hobby as it were!

Sandra said...

It's lovely to dip your toe into a different craft, and gives you the opportunity to see if it's one for you or not