Saturday, 28 November 2015

Friday saw the start...

...of the last Members Weekend for 2015.

So no lay in for me yesterday morning.

I had arranged to meet Hilary at 8.50am at Pinnacles. Unfortunately, whichever way I go to the Craft Village, I have to pass the retail park.

I gave myself more time than usual but still managed to get held-up at the Noak Bridge roundabout as there were folk queuing round the roundabout trying to get into the retail park and I waited a very long time before a kind lady let me through to go round.

As a result, I got to meet Hillary just by the skin of my teeth - a few moments later Andy opened the doors.

Hilary is always very organised when it comes to Members Weekend - she has a typed list of items she needs to get, would like to get, might consider if she hasn't spent all of her budget. I tend to have a couple of items that I've been planning for and a set budget.

This time I was wanting to grab the Tonic "Diamond Gift Box" - it has been on my 'wish-list' for a while and I also wanted the Sizzix seasonal word thinlets.

Here is the collection of goodies that I came home with...
 ...and you can see that I got what I was aiming for along with a few other bits...
...those crazy birds are something that I've been 'umming & ahring' about for ages. After seeing Kath Stewart's Christmas cards I just had to give in.

The Kaisercraft "Silverbells" paper pack has been something else that I've been considering - I nearly bought it at the September Members Weekend but there was something else that I wanted more.

What you can't make out in the photo is the Groovi Album that I bought to put my parchment plates in and the three new plates that also jumped into my basket.

The morning flew by.

Hilary and I did our usual of breaking for coffee before going back for another browse to ensure we hadn't forgotten any essentials. Then we went for a quick snack before Hilary went off to her parchment class.

With it being the last Members Weekend before Christmas we always get our Christmas card from the Pinnacle crew which details the shop opening times over the holiday period - no card this year but I'll show you tomorrow what we got instead..........................................................................


Redanne said...

Wow Toni, what a great haul you got! You will love the Bird Crazies, I am sure, they are such fun to colour! Glad you had such a good day... xxx

Sandra said...

What lovely lovely goodies you have there