Sunday, 29 November 2015

We've all done it...

...miscalculated how long it would take to make our Christmas cards.

We either have good intentions to make a few each month through the year so that they are all done & dusted before the last posting date. Or, we start making them in the run up to Christmas and start to panic because we actually need more than we originally thought.

I used to have about 150 cards to make for my own use - family & friends but now I can manage with about 50. Even so...I still end up in a panic as I realise that some cards need to be ready by certain dates.

Imagine having to make several hundred cards for all your loyalty club card holders if you are a retailer.

At Pinnacle Crafts the family take it in turns to be responsible for creating the cards that need to be made and given out at the last Members Weekend - this year was Andy's turn and instead of cards he made hundreds of these...
...there were crates of these lovely crackers by the tills in the shop.

The Christmas cards from the shop always contain the details of the opening times of the store and the dates they will be closed over the holiday period - this is usually part of the card insert that also contains the greeting from the family. For the crackers, these were printed inserts rolled and contained inside the crackers along with a chocolate treat.

Each of the crackers consists of the base die-cut box, 6 matt layers and two die-cut poinsettia embellishments. An insert, a treat and two ribbon ties. Even working on a production-line basis, this was one heck of a lot of cutting, sticking and constructing. A lovely thought - thank you Andy.

So perhaps that pile of still to be finished cards sitting on the stool by the sofa are not so daunting after all LOL.............................................................

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