Monday, 2 November 2015

It's Monday morning...

...already - groan.

Just where does the weekend go?

Both days have been foggy but at least on Saturday, the Sun managed to peek through for a little while.

I was too late to get any photos of the beautiful red leaves on the trees by the Noak Bridge roundabout - wind and rain on Friday resulted in the trees being almost completely bare.

However, when the Sun came out I did manage to snap this...

...such a lovely splash of colour amongst the green shrubs.

Sunday was very foggy all day and this made driving a nightmare as you wouldn't believe the number of idiots who seem to think it is okay to drive around with no lights on - luckily, I was able to take Mum shopping, pop over to see my Sister and get home before it started to get dark. There was no way I wanted to be dealing with this as the light was going and the fog became thicker.

One downside to living quite close to the Thames is the fog-horns - not designed to encourage a good night's sleep. So the eyes are rather in need of matchsticks this morning.

Hope you had a good weekend....................................................


Redanne said...

Oh, those leaves are wonderful, I just love red in the Autumn.

Sorry to hear the fog horns kept you from getting a good night's sleep though! x

Wendy said...

I was driving in fog too - driving by the white lines as I couldn't see the road! And what is it people and no lights??? Lovely shot of those leaves :-)