Thursday, 29 September 2016

Autumn has...

...officially been with us for a week now.

There doesn't seem to be much evidence of the lovely 'Fall' colours just yet but the leaves are starting to fall...
...these leaves are not from my garden but the Elder is starting to shed. This will be the last year of Autumn colour in my garden as the trees come down at the end of November - if they don't the garage wall will cave in as the trunks are pressing against it.

At primary school, we all entered a competition to write a poem.

We were provided with a start line - "Autumn leaves are falling down" - and we had to continue from there. I was lucky enough to win a prize and have my poem read out on the radio but unfortunately our poems were never returned and the only part that I have ever remembered was:-

Autumn leaves are falling down,
Orange, yellow, green and brown.
They lay in heaps along the street,
And make a carpet for my feet.

I know there were more verses but after all these years (and there are a lot LOL) I'm surprised that I even remember that much.

So Autumn is with us and after a hot & humid Summer it is noticeable that the temperatures have taken a nose-dive. But it is dry and the days have still been warm - it's just the very chilly starts and the now chilly evenings because it is getting dark so much earlier.

Most definitely knitting & crochet weather.....................................................................


Marianne's Craftroom said...

I love the cooler days though it is still warm here, not so keen on the darker evenings though

Redanne said...

I think this is my favourite time of year, I love seeing all the beautiful colours in the falling leaves.... your poem is so lovely Toni! Not much consolation but I only ever remember the first verse of any poems..... with me, it is an age thing - lol! Anne xx

aussie aNNie said...

Love the autumn colours. Thanks so much for commenting on my scheduled cards while I was on vacation...appreciate this so much. Have a lovely weekend.xx

Stef H said...

no autumn colors here yet either except for the fake leaves along my fireplace mantle.
waiting for the 1st frost so the grass no longer needs mowing (save me $20 / wk).
no more a/c either and still haven't turned the heat on. MY FAVORITE TIME OF YEAR!

love the loom and the hats!! now that certainly looks easy!

have a great week!

hugs :)

Sandra said...

I love autumn. The whole cozy evenings and hot chocolate thing ... reality is though, walking dogs in rain and ending up looking like woorzel gummage lol xx