Tuesday, 13 February 2007

Beautiful colours...

...strange yarn.
A strand of pink soft yarn wrapped with a strand of rainbow, short tuft, ribbon yarn
The ball-band said 'Super Chunky - 8mm needles recommended', I didn't think so but I tried it...
Yuk, hard as a board, so I tried 10mm needles - better but not great. This was supposed to be a soft fluffy scarf for a little girl - not on 10mm needles it wasn't...
So as a last resort I tried 12mm needles - success :o)
I'm not sure what the manufacturer was intending to create from this yarn but certainly not on 8mm needles. It makes me wonder sometimes whether this is why many folk try knitting and then give up because they don't like the results - it takes a bit of experience to have the confidence to play around until you find the finish that meets your requirements. In this case, a different needle size made all the difference.
The finished scarf was soft and hopefully is just what Megan wanted. With luck, Margaret should get her scarf back from her granddaughter fairly shortly............(fingers crossed Margaret)


Chrissie said...

Oooo clever you. I'm HOPELESS with knitting.

Anonymous said...

i love it,it's so soft!
thank you...thank you...thaaaaank yoooou

love Megan