Wednesday, 7 February 2007

Dumb / Smart balance... I'm sure most folk in the UK will know, this title comes from a TV advert for a 'flexable friend'. You know the applies for new plastic card - smart (???????), woman cleaning windows falls through open one, flat on her face - dumb. Well this is how I feel my life is at the moment.

For every nice thing that happens there has been a really grotty one to off-set it...

Take the day of the Artbase crop in January. It was a great day, the project was super and everyone had fun :o)...Come Monday and I was told that I was being moved to a new job because of 'restructuring' :o(

This last weekend was busy but I was able to help Mum get another batch of scarves ready to sell for her club :o) but Monday was looming. Hence not sleeping well, as Monday was the day I was to move to my new job :o(.

Without going into too much detail, Monday was horrid. My existing colleagues had clubbed together to get me a gift even though I was only going to another part of the building and that was it.......the tears were flowing (surprising how kind gestures can sometimes make things seem even worse). But worse was yet to come. Despite knowing for weeks that I was joining the new team no arrangements had been made by my new manager for my move - no IT services, no help to move work/belongings, muggins here moved everything herself - how to make someone feel welcome and wanted, NOT!

You can see from my previous posting that I needed to let off steam, but words just failed me.

I must say a very BIG thank you to Chrissie for her comment - the 'hugs' were gratefully received and yes, things probably seemed even more grotty because I hadn't slept well. I have some wonderful friends who read my blog who also showed their support and I can't express how much this all meant to me...THANK YOU everyone.

Things haven't improved over the last two days and to add insult to injury the heating failed in our part of the office and it has been freezing (not literally, but you know what I mean...). Everyone has been sitting in scarves and cardies/fleeces that they have dug out of the depths of their drawers. On the whole...things are pretty miserable.

I'm fed up with all the 'dumb' occurrences, I want some of the 'smart'...............


One Must Have Chaos said...

Oh I know just what you mean! Except I seem to mostly just be getting the bad... Toughens us up or something? Also we were supposed to get snow here in Maryland today. Less than an inch and some schools were closed...wimps. (Just randomly popping from journal to journal!)

misteejay said...

Hi there, Nice of you to drop by.

Adversity is supposed to build strength of character :o(

I'd really prefer some soft & fluffy nice things to happen, just for a while...:o)

Chrissie said...

Oooo right. Now then.


I want you to list all the things that are great in your life. And then keep going.

I'll start you off.

Antibiotics (my mum never had these when she was a kid...they weren't 'invented') so my daughter can get better because she was so ill and miserable

Free doctors

A warm house

A warm bed

A body that works (which is a whole list of great things when you start to break that one down)

All the food I want

The freedom to go wherever I want and be whatever I want

Telephones and internet to keep in touch with people all over the place

No life threatening weather/disease/ nasty scary people/accidents in my life. Not today.

I can read and write and do lots of other clever stuff because I received an education. Mostly for free.

And those are just some of the big things. There's a list as long as my arm and then some of little things.

My point being...we have lovely things happen to us every minute of every day. Just being able to breathe properly all day long for example is a fantastic blessing. We take things for granted and then feel like we're hard done by when something difficult arises. But we are surrounded with great stuff.

:D It's all about gratitude. I really believe that.

Nicola said...

Hi Toni

Were thay scarfs that you knitted though!
I was so loving my scarf at work today we were talking about you were your ears burning mine were after a while of wearing my scarf warmed me up nicely see you supply soft fluffy things dont let the crap get you down .... and we all want to know where were you on saturday?