Thursday, 1 February 2007

Crop tonight...

I give fair warning, I will not stand for - any train disruption (British Rail & London Underground to note), freaky weather (Mother Nature, take a break please) or any other occurrance that could put paid to this evening's have been warned!

It seems like forever since we last had a Thursday night crop (early December ;o( - doesn't time fly). The project for tonight is the page that Nicola posted on her blog two weeks ago before wind stopped play (hurrumffff) but there is a rumour that there could be an additional surprise...oooooo, I like surprises - as long as they are nice ones (lol).

During the time since the last Thursday crop this blog was created :o) and I have discovered so many like minded crafters out in blogland as well as some very helpful and supportive folk - hurraaaaaaaaay for blogs.

Doesn't replace the need for the gathering of like minded folk though. A whole day at work to get through before playtime >:o...................................

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