Monday, 19 February 2007


...don't tell British Rail.

Don't tell them 'what' I hear you mutter...don't tell them their trains have been running on time (mostly).

I have managed to miss the few real stints of disruption over the last week or so and most of the time the only thing running late has been me, LOL.

However, I can't let them off that easily...(yes, I can hear you all groaning *thought it was too good to be true*). The trains may well have been running on time but they haven't been providing an exactly wonderful service. I would say that about 50% of the time the trains that have arrived in the evenings have been shorter than they should have been, creating that 'oh so cosy/friendly (not!!) environment' for the travel-worn commuters...tempers do become a little frayed >:o

Still, the likelihood of falling over and hurting yourself is next to zero. Afterall, where can you fall when you are crammed in tighter than the contents of a sardine can....

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