Monday, 25 August 2008

The 25th has...


Slept in later this morning as I had a bit of a restless night :o( so my day started later than normal. Got the usual pic of the time - 8.20ish (good grief, day almost gone LOL), took a pic from the bedroom window - boy does the Elder tree need cutting back, and remembered to get photos of breakfast before most of it had been eaten LOL

The photo prompt from Shimelle this month is to look at what makes up the whole (not very good at macro photography) so I took a pic of the kitchen worktop with the whole of my brekkie on view and then zoomed in to various bits - I'll have to see what the pics look like when printed off as to whether I can use them or not.

The weather is not playing nice so I think I'll have to get outside fairly quickly if I'm to get any outside shots today....................

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voodoo vixen said...

You are such a sweetie reminding me... but I still forgot to take photos!! I will zoom about now and see what I can catch up on... having Mum to stay and going out all day shopping didn't help!! ;)