Saturday, 30 August 2008



My niece asked ever so nicely if I would pick her up from Uni and take her to her Mum's (Uni is in Leicester, Mum is in Essex). So this morning I set off round the M25 to pick up the M1. At the approach to the M1 exit was where the problems started...

Traffic was queuing back onto the M25 because of the roadworks between junctions 6 & 10 on the M1 it seemed to take for ever but once passed the roadworks things picked up and we were going great guns until J11. Speed restrictions, but no indication why - then I saw the tailbacks on the other side of the road (can only assume the speed restrictions on our side were to try and prevent problems with folk slowing down sharply to look at the accident on the other side). Once clear of there it was plain sailing until J17. Things slowed right down and got progressively worse - turned out there had been a car overturn between J19 & J20 closing off two lanes. When I finally reached that point I can only say that there wasn't a lot of the car left...a real mangled mess.

It hasn't been the best day for driving as it has been very hot and humid but I got to Leicester, collected niece and set off on the return.

The return journey wasn't much better and I really can't believe the idiots that were out and about...lane hopping, bumper hugging, undertaking, overtaking...complete and utter madness - is it something to do with the heat and sunshine, do you thing (hummmmmmmm).

All I can say is, boy am I glad that I'm not doing the return run next week LOL........................

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