Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Be Warned...

...celebrating when tired is not a good idea LOL

Yesterday was my friend Simon's birthday and he had invited friends and colleagues to join him for a celebration. I had promised to go but really I didn't intend to stay very long because I was feeling rather tired having had an early start because of attenting a meeting at one of our other offices.

It was a great evening and time flew far more quickly than anticipated so I ended up on the last train home...and I fell asleep (don't you dare laugh).

I remember hearing several of the automated announcements and thinking that it was taking a long time to get home - the next thing I knew we were pulling into BENFLEET - two stops past my station. What was worse was that upon checking, the train had been taking a long time and because it was delayed I had just missed the last return train that would have taken me home. Luckily, Benfleet is Mum's local station so a quick call and a cab ride and I spent the night at Mum's...heaven only knows what would have happened if I had missed that station too, LOL.

I had visions of me curled up in a siding somewhere, or having to fork out loads of money on a cab to get home. So be warned..................

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Hysteri-CAL said...

Sorry to laugh ... but i've done this myself !! Its more the embaressment !

Pleased to read you got home safely to your mums xxxxxx