Tuesday, 12 August 2008



I am not having a good time at the moment with my car. Last week I spent 2 days getting the MOT sorted...2 days for them to change a tyre - hurumf.

Tonight I went out to the car loaded down with totes etc to go off to scrap night and guess what...I had a flat. Could I find the footpump...could I like h***

Knocked at my neighbour to ask if I could borrow a pump and bless him he came to do it for me. After pumping up the tyre it was clear that the air was escaping so he changed the tyre for me and even offered to take the punctured one to get it fixed - luckily I think this is covered by the lease arrangement so I will need to sort that out tomorrow - after the cardmaking workshop.

Cars and tyres get a big thumbs down from me at the moment but lovely, kind, helpful neighbours get a super THUMBS UP........................

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