Sunday, 24 May 2009


...Lcpl & Mrs Marshall.

23 May 2009 was the wedding day of my niece Kristy to Daniel Marshall in Richmond, North Yorkshire.

Despite a few problems over the last week and a wardrobe malfunction on the morning (bra strap broke on brides corset as she was putting on her dress), everything went well. The weather was kind, plenty of photos got taken, and the happy couple are now starting their lives together.

Love and best wishes to Kristy & Dan from a very proud Aunty Toni..............


ScrappyDandyDoo said...

Congratulations to Kirtsy and Daniel, they looks so lovely :D I think something has to go wrong on the morning - a button fell of my sleeve and I had to sew it back on and my friends earing came apart on hers and we ahd to superglue it back together LOL

Can't wait to see the other pics :D

Julie xx

Scrappy~Sarah said...

Beautiful Photo. Glad it went well

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Gorgeous bride and handsome groom. Wishing them a long life full of happiness and shared love. :)

willow said...

So glad it all went off without too much drama, hope you had a lovely day after all the work you have put into everything
Congratulations to the Happy Couple

Anonymous said...

Thank you Aunty Toni, without you we would never of got half of the things done. Everything you made for us was wonderful and we will be forever thankful.

Thank you for coming up with me and helping me get ready.

Thank you once again

Love always

Kristy and Dan Marshall

Bagpuss said...

Congratulations to them both! Beautiful photo and so glad it went well. Lovely of Kirsty to post her comment too.