Sunday, 3 May 2009

Let me introduce...

...the ladies from the Craftily Creative Thursday night crop.

Helen is the lady in the white top trying to pretend that there isn't a camera around LOL - it is her shop and she agreed to start the crops about a year ago after establishing herself with card making classes during the daytime.

The crop is only small due to limited space but everyone is very friendly and we all have a bit of a giggle. Numbers tend to hover around the 10/12 and there are regulars. We each book a four class session in advance and the crops take place every other Thursday evening...7 'til 9pm.

Helen has been asking me to come up with some projects for a while so back in February it was agreed that I would do a mini book class that would run for the whole of a session. I have made a lot of mini books so had lots of ideas about what the ladies could include, but I was also a bit nervous as all the ladies are card makers but have only recently expanded into scrapbooking. From previous sessions it has been clear that they felt rather intimidated by the 12x12 format even though they loved doing the LOs.

In February, we had just completed another fab cybercrop on UKS and one of the classes had been one of Annette's (Voodoo Vixen) lovely mini books. I asked her if she would mind us using her "Hidden Keeper" page instructions and she very kindly said we all was set.

It was decided that everyone would receive a kit of basics at the start of the session (Black/White/Silver) and as they progressed they could add colour/colours of their choice. When the ladies arrived on the first night they were all very excited by their bags of goodies and couldn't wait to get stuck in.............


ffroggie said...

What a lovely crop space! Shopping included, my idea of heaven :)

Yep, I trashed the room again lol.

Anonymous said...

looks like a fab evening :D

Anonymous said...

looks like a fab evening :-D

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Your minis are fabulous, they´ll have the greatest time. :)

Lovely place, full of colourful yummyness. *Happy sigh*