Sunday, 3 May 2009

Work in...


Over the four nights that made up the mini book session the ladies came up with lots of ideas for pages in their books. They had all chosen their accent colours and we had some lavenders, blues, greys, burgundy and lime creations appearing.

Once the ladies realized that there were no rights or wrongs to this sort of thing, they really got stuck in and a lot of them made good use of their card making skills - Joan decided to make a page like a mini waterfall of photos.

Annette's hidden keeper pages were very popular and were put to good use on some 'rather interesting' photos (let me mention the word "mooning" and we will move swiftly on LOL)

The books became a mix of various shaped /size pages and the ladies were amazed to realize that you could use so many everyday items - envelopes, CDs, parcel tags....

It was fab to see the books growing, week by week..............

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