Saturday, 9 October 2010


...6th October.

Despite the forecast stating good weather, the day started grotty & wet. It was a good job that I was booked onto this months card workshop at Dawn's (Dawn Bareham) cos I really didn't want to be commuting in that grotty weather.

It was also a good job that there was only a small class as the marquee decided to spring a few after a quick spell of musical chairs LOL we all settled down to get stuck in.

We usually make around 4 cards at one of these workshops and this time the theme (apart from Christmas) was "back to basics" i.e. stamping, colouring, stencils and a bit of decoupage.

The four cards included a book card, an easel, a tent fold and a standard fold.
The tent fold included the making of a shaker box, some stamping/colouring and decoupage - the teddy is such a cute stamp. The easel used a metal stencil and pearl paste to create the front image. The standard fold had a bit of decoupage, lots of crystal glitter and gold gel pen used to create the finished effect.

At least one card on these workshops is rather involved and on most occasions we start to panic as to whether we will get everything finished...I don't know why, because we never have a problem - perhaps Dawn has more faith in us than we do LOL.

This last picture shows the card that we started the day with - a picture book card. The idea is fabulous and could be adapted for so many different occasions, however, we seemed to be taking rather a long time getting this done as it involved stamping, colouring, decoupage, glazing and a bit of construction work.
The card opens out to display a number of framed images.

All the stamps used were Penny Black and most of the backing papers came from My Craft Studio CDs. The metal stencil was from one of the current DoCraft Christmas ranges (not sure which one; could be Classic or Poinsettia).

Next month will be the last workshop for the year so in effect it is our "Christmas Workshop"...not wishing the year to fly by any quicker but.............can't wait to see what we are making this year.....................................


kelly said...

Lovely cards, looks like you did a fab job and i a short space of time! I know what you mean ablut the weather 20 degrees my eye! misty and rubbish here all day x

Jules said...

Lovely cards, sounds like you had a fab Wednesday! I've never seen a book card before, it looks great, would love to have a go at one but wouldn't know where to start!

Debbie said...

What a lot of work has gone into those cards - especially the picture book one! They're lovely!

Debbie x

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Your cards are always so neat! All perfectly stamped, coloured in, cut and glued. Not a smear in sight, nothing out of line, no colour clashes, they are absolutely perfect.

Allison said...

these are all adorable