Monday, 11 October 2010

What do I think of my...


Having now had a chance to sit and have a play I can see why folk rave about this gadget. I wouldn't say I am at the 'love it' stage yet...but we are getting there LOL.

Despite its size and the fact that I have dodgy wrists I had no problem holding it - it is surprisingly light even with a full reel of tape inside. I'm not yet wizzing away with it but I am achieving smooth strokes which result in quicker crafting COS THERE IS NO BACKING PAPER TO HAVE TO TAKE OFF...Yeh!!!

The thing that took me a little bit of time to get used to was the trigger action. You place the ATG on the surface you want to apply 'sticky' to, squeeze the trigger and pull towards you. You then release the trigger and pull up from the item to 'break' the run of tape. This was the bit I kept forgetting and ended up with a few stringy messes of tape cos the ATG was still delivering. I think I have it sussed - SQUEEZE...PULL...RELEASE...LIFT.

After playing for a bit I used it to make a start on a Birthday Card book - quick, easy and no bits of tape backing everywhere. I'm still getting used to how close to the edge the tape delivers but that will come with practice and it will follow gentle curves without too much of a problem.

Would I have paid full price for this...not sure (still getting used to it).

Am I glad I have it...yes!

Recommendations; if you are thinking about one of these but are still uncertain - after all, it is a lot of money for a DST gun - try and find someone who has one so you can have a go. I think you will be plesantly surprised by the weight and handling of the item but it is still a case of how it feels for the individual when actually crafting. If you can 'try before you buy' that is great otherwise if you are able to treat yourself...go on, go for it..............................


Julia Dunnit said...

This is me -pleased to have mine but not yet totally in love. Mind you - I've had it long enough to use a whole reel now and it turns out to be good value for me.

voodoo vixen said...

Aaaaha, hope you are now feeling the love Toni, they are brilliant when they run properly! Have you made a stand for it yet???