Wednesday, 7 March 2012

What horrid... we are having.

(Pictures are from the Internet)

Am I the only one who is getting fed-up with the grotty weather we have been having? We are now into March and we are still getting...
...dull, damp cold days. Even a bit of sunshine would be an improvement.
It's not as if I'm expecting...
...although that would be very nice.
I would be more than happy with...
...a bit of sun and some warmer temps.

However, things don't look too promising here. Everytime the temps start to rise they plummet again making it very difficult to know how to dress for the best.

I know the UK isn't the only place having this roller-coaster of a weather system. Lynn Stevens (Trash to Treasure Art) in the USA was blogging about their Spring-like weather only a few days ago...not long after her post she woke up to snow - how contrairy is that.

The weather forecasters are saying that we need rain for a good three months to build up water levels as parts of the UK are technically suffering drought conditions but I really don't think I can face this horrid drizzle for that length of time - roll on some warm sunny weather - PLEASE!!!........................

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Lynn Stevens said...

Oh I can so relate!!! We had another unexpected sprinkling of snow yesterday. Love your pictures !!!
Hugs Lynn
P.s. Wishing you lots of warm sunny days!