Sunday, 25 March 2012

You'll never guess...

...another 'pen storage' post LOL

My name's Toni and I'm addicted to pens...there, I've said it - I love pens. However, of all my lovely pen collections I still favour my Copics and until this weekend this is how they 'lived' by the side of my sofa...
...the plastic storage boxes that the 'sets' are sold in - that can be bought empty by those who have collected their pens on an individual basis. This was how I stored my Copics and I was perfectly happy with the fact that I could organise them how I wanted and be able to see each colour easily. Perfectly happy until for the second time in as many days, the box I had on the sofa by my side tipped over resulting in a scrabble to try and stop them all falling out of the box - failed!!!

The pens went on the floor, down the back of the cushions...all over the place.

Until now my only concern had been that I might crack the boxes...
...after all, they are only clear, thin perspex. So now my boxes are empty.

This is where my pens are now living...
...padded, bouncable (???) wallets.
I have to say, I'm still not convinced...I will have to work with them like this for a while to see how I get on. At least each pen is held securely so won't be leaping out all over the place.

The little wallet is just to store my spare blenders & skintones - the colours that you always run out of at the most inappropriate times.

The wallets look neat & tidy, the pens slide in and out easily when you want them and they won't break when transporting them to classes, crops etc.

The problem is, we become creatures of habit...I was used to where each colour lived and I knew where to locate my favourites - for the moment, I have to scan along the rows to try and work out where they are. I'm sure I'll get used to it and I know I won't be spilling them everywhere. I suppose it will just take a bit of getting used to..............................................


Kerryanne @ Shabby Art Boutique said...

Ahhh... is there no greater joy than [playing with, re-arranging, staring at & touching] our crafting supplies!!
I bet you had fun with your new storage.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

You do the most amazing work with your pens! Having them safe and at hand makes it easier on you to use them. We all win, you get to work without worries and we get to see your art! :D

Lynn Stevens said...

looks like a fab way to store pens.
I bet in time you'll love it.

I so know how you feel though, three times now I have dropped my bead trays. Beads Everywhere!!! Its a nightmare! LOL
hugs Lynn