Saturday, 16 May 2015

Time is ticking away...

...and I just can't get my mojo to play ball.

In January of this year the lowest grade members of my team received news that they were 'surplus' and were offered voluntary redundancy.

By the end of February it was known that all 8 had reluctantly accepted the package.

On Tuesday 19 May, I will say goodbye to the first of them.

It has been a very stressful time but credit to them all, they have come in and continued to deliver the very high standard of performance that they always have...something that has made me feel very proud but also very sad.

For weeks now I have been trying to make cards for each of them but every time I sit down to do so, Mr Mojo takes a hike...I think he knows that this is something that I really do not want to be doing.

I've known most of these folk for over ten years and we have been through changes in management structures, the death of a colleague, serious health issues - happy & sad times - and the thing that I can always rely on is their dependability and willingness to support each other.

This is going to leave a very big hole that the remaining team members are going to have to adjust to.

So by the end of this month, my original team will be considerably smaller but they have merged the remains of another team with mine. This means new faces and getting to know peoples quirks so that we can work towards forming the 'Team' feel that has always existed here.

Those leaving can never be replaced as they are all individuals with their own personalities/skills/quirks and we will miss them terribly.

Now I really must try and pin down Mr Mojo and get these cards sorted.........................................

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Julia Dunnit said...

Aw, you're right about the mojo, he's responding to your stress and sorrow for sure. Try it this way....your hand,Ade good wishes for each team member that's going will really boost them, and they won't know if the cards aren't exactly what you intended...those designs will prolly be locked in your head for ages yet!!