Sunday, 10 May 2015

Weekend intentions...

...never quite turn out as planned.

Last weekend was May-day Bank Holiday so many of us had an extra day away from work.

The stores were stacked with BBQ stuff the week before because the forecast was supposed to be good (perhaps a little chilly) but as usual, Mother Nature did her own thing.

Rain, Fog, Wind, Hail and some Sunshine put in an appearance in my neck of the woods at some point over the 3 days.

I finally remembered to divert to Homebase on my way home on Saturday as I have been meaning to pick up some replacement support batons for my fence. For a Bank Holiday weekend it wasn't very busy even though they had additional discounts & promotions. I spotted some ready planted hanging baskets which were only £6 each after discount so grabbed some for the front of the house.

There were also some pretty pot plants in a similar colour to the planting in the hanging baskets...
 ...these have settled in very nicely in the tubs by the front door.
The hanging baskets are in place...
...but this was the best photo I could get as it was raining at the time.

I have tried all week to get a better photo but the weather and light hasn't wanted to 'play nice' so hopefully I can try again later as things seem to be brightening up.

I remembered the batons and I did fix the fence panel but where the wood has swollen with the rain, I haven't been able to slot the panel back into the concrete posts (you should have been a fly on the wall on Bank Holiday Monday - I was up a step ladder trying to get enough 'height' to slot the panel in when a lovely lady going past offered to come and give me a hand. It didn't work. We ended in frustrated giggles and the panel is currently laying on the veranda waiting to dry out a bit more).

I think a few folk round about tried to have BBQs as you could smell them on the breeze but I would imagine most of the food was eaten indoors as the rain kept putting in an appearance.

Did you get up to anything exciting Bank Holiday weekend?..................................................


Redanne said...

The baskets were certainly a bargain, the flowers are so pretty! I love the ironwork on your front porch too! Hugs, Anne xx

Virginia said...

Oh the baskets look beautiful Toni - what a pretty verandah! Ours was a bit of a strange weekend too, but we did manage a family day out on the Monday!

Hope you are keeping well!

Sandra said...

The baskets look lovely