Sunday, 25 October 2015

Did you remember... turn the clocks back?

It was actually quite nice to see the early morning sunshine (bit hazy) but know that I still had a little while before needing to get up.

Saturday the weather was not the best...that fine rain in the air all the time but not quite I was glad that I was tucked away in the classroom over Pinnacle crafts making a wobbly snowman.

I haven't made any Pinflair creations for quite a few years and my fingers & thumbs are reminding me today why that is LOL

However, sore digits aside, it was a fun day even if we didn't quite get "Frosty" finished.

Starting with three polystyrene balls and a pile of pins, sequins & seed beads we all got stuck in... would not believe the giggles as sequins stuck to everything - this problem was solved by wiping hands with tumble-dryer sheets. However, the laughter continued as the teeny, tiny seed beads kept bouncing over the table as we tried to thread them onto the pins.

Hilary had come prepared with some small plastic boxes to put the 'makings' into. All I went prepared with was a flat bone-folder to help push in the dressed pins.

So here are my covered balls...
...not very snowman looking at this moment in time but I will show you when everything is finished.

Lots of fun & giggles which was the perfect way to spend a dull, grey, damp day. Thank you Joanne...........................................................


Wendy said...

looks like it's are going to be a lovely snowman :-) I don't think my fingers would have managed those sequins and beads!

Marianne's Craftroom said...

I can't wait to see the finished snowman