Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Cats & Dogs...

...yep, it's really pouring down.

Boy was I lucky tonight...I managed to get home before the rain became anything more than a few spits :o)

However, since arriving home from work we have had thunder (close enough and loud enough to make the air shudder) lightening (and it sure did light up the sky) and the rain has just fallen down - just the odd inch or two to add to the statistics (BBC Essex announced that this is one of the wettest Junes Essex has experienced for a very long time - ahh, but will it be the wrong kind of rain...?).

It is still pouring down as I sit typing this and I can hear the passing traffic swishing through the surface water but for all that, the temperature hasn't fallen very much and it is still 'muggy' :o(

Fingers crossed things brighten up tomorrow...