Wednesday, 6 June 2007

It cost HOW MUCH...

...£400,000...someone's 'aving a larf!

That "thing" on the right cost £400,000 to design, by some highflying design firm - the man on the street could do better, and from the examples in the press, he has done...

Oh, and just to try and make things seem comes in a choice of four different colours - wuppee, it don't think!

In the space of a couple of days around 40K folk have expressed their loathing of this logo by signing an on-line petition yet the Olympic 'bigwigs' have stated they are happy with it and are going to stick with it...they aren't the ones who are being expected to foot the bill whether they want to or not. That honour will fall to good old 'Joe-public'.

I work in what can only be described as the hub of 'Olympic ville 2012' - Stratford, East London. I joined with the rest of the folk to celebrate our success at winning the right to stage the Olympics. However...little can be seen of the promised Urban Regeneration and there is very little to be seen that could be said to resemble the super scale models and computer generated images that we were all encouraged to go and view...and it's only five years, and counting.

It would seem that the 'bigwigs' are of the opinion - it cost a lot so it must be good (doh!!!).

£400,000 - just think what better use that could have been put to...

Why did this have to be put out to a design company? Someone in todays paper suggested that a National school competition would have helped folk to feel more involved and even awarding prizes of Bronze (£30K), Silver (£40K) and Gold (£50K) to the three schools with the top three entries would have been cheaper.

Still, if nothing else, this logo has united the Nation in one thing - its dislike of that 'thing' above.

The Metro news paper challenged commuters to re-arrange the 'blocks' that make up the logo and come up with other images - imaginations have really gotten behind this and there have been some super 'fun' alternatives. If you are not lucky enough to travel in an area where the Metro is available you can view the pics on their

I'm sure this is going to run for a while but how long will it be before someone holds up their hands and admits - they got it wrong...

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