Monday, 4 June 2007

A Handbagggggg...

ain't it sweet.

(this is the second attempt at this posting - lost it all trying to get rid of those darned gaps...grrrrrrrrrr. Can't save until the gaps are sorted otherwise they have to stay).

Yesterday was the June crop at Artbase and another great day for those who attended. However, typical of our great British weather, we were all stuck indoors on a day when the sun had decided to make a re-appearance.

The BoBunny kit was lovely to do (who thinks of things like a handbag shaped scrap album?) and there were plenty of bits left over so Emma had prepared a page as an idea for using up all the bits. There were some new faces and a few old ones that we hadn't seen for a while.

What is it about a group of women gathered together that causes the conversation to get a bit naughty...:o)...I won't go into detail here as you really had to be present to get the gist of the inuendo that was passing around the table (LOL).

We were all looking forward to being entertained in the afternoon as the grounds of Langtons Registry office are behind the hall and there was an advertised musical event. Unfortunately, the only place you could hear the music was in the 'Ladies'...a bit dis-concerting (no pun intended) when you are sitting there getting blasted by the strains of the "Can-Can".

So, another Sunday crop has been and gone and I am booked and all paid up, ready for the July crop. Emma is not letting on about the kit other than to say that it might involve stamping...

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