Friday, 15 June 2007

How remiss of me...

...I didn't tell you, Starbucks has arrived in Stratford (East London, not Upon Avon).
Yipeeeeeeeee, hurraaaaaaaaay, YES!!!
Oh how I love coffee, not that you would possibly guess, LOL.
I sooooooooo missed not having my Gingerbread Latte's over the Christmas period but time just flew and I never seemed to find the time to get to the nearest outlets at Lakeside & Thurrock Retail Park (ho-hum).
Stratford has a shopping mall, roughly in the shape of a + with exits at 3 of the farthest points. I go into the mall every morning on my way into work as it is slightly less busy than trying to battle through there at lunchtime (I do stress - SLIGHTLY). I usually pick up something for lunch and grab the latest craft mags that take my interest. I used to also pick up a coffee from Tchibo until they modernised it and did away with their fresh coffee in favour of a vending machine (pah!).
Just outside the fartest point of the mall (next to Superdrug & MacDonalds) there had been a cheepy fashion outlet. After a verrrrrrrrrrrry extended closing down sale the store was boarded up for what seemed like 'forever'. So you know what it's like when you are so used to seeing doesn't always register that things have changed. It was only when a colleague mentioned that she had met a friend in 'Starbucks' that I found out about it. I must have walked passed there several times a week for about a month without even realising it was there...:o(
My only excuse is that I am usually suffering from commuter-i-tis first thing in the morning and it normally takes at least two mugs of coffee to bring me back to normal (yes, I did say NORMAL, I can do normal...well sort of...tee,hee).
Still, I know it's there now, and hey, I don't have any other vices so why shouldn't I treat myself to a daily latte...OKAY, I heard you, revise that...I don't have many vices, just shopping, crafting, obsessed with coffee - no you can't include scraping, that's art................:o)

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