Thursday, 14 June 2007

Whatever happened to...

...dialing your own calls?

I am just about fed-up to the back teeth of computerised dialing. Take this evening as an example...

Late home from work (surprisingly, not the fault of British Rail on this occasion). Not in the best of moods, it's muggy and even the brief shower - that I got caught in getting off the train - hasn't cleared the air. All I want to do is sit down with something 'quick' to rings!

Grab the phone only to have my 'hello' greeted by a lot of clicking noises and some background static. After a few repeats of 'hello' I'm just about to put the phone down when a cheery voice breaks through the static...the call wasn't even for me >:o grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Sort out food, just sitting down to check rings! More of the same - I hung up.

Few minutes rings! This time as I say 'hello' the call cuts off.

Phone rings! The dial tone is already back before I have the phone to my ear or have had a chance to utter a word.

What's even worse is when you punch in 1471 you get greeted by the message "Sorry, the last caller was from a Network that is unable to transmit numbers".

When I get in from work I don't want to be pestered by 'cold calling' whether it be to offer me a super designer kitchen or replacement windows on a b-o-g-o-f offer. Free holidays are never that, there is always a catch and if you want polite, sensible answers to your survey don't call me after a 90 minute battle with public transport. I also don't expect to have 'my time' continuously interupted by unsolicited calls...and wasn't there something about cold-calling not happening after 9pm..........???

Word of warning to all you call-centre & phone-sales staff...if you want to put me in a bad mood continue to have a computer dialing your numbers for you. That delay whilst your super machine connects you after I have picked up the phone is a sure-fired way to get the call off to a bad start. If you must contact me, don't do it in the evening and I would suggest that you learn how to dial your own calls so that you can be ready to greet me without all the clicks, static and ...........................................DELAY!!! :o(


Chrissie said...

There is a service which all phone providers offer where your number will bar any sales calls Toni. Call your provider and end the hassle :D (blummin' pests they are. As soon as I hear that static and sales person voice, I immediately become a shrew!)

Nicola said...

You tell them Toni :)

I liek the idea of doing what Chrissie suggested.